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Alianza is a nonprofit organization that supports and engages in educational programs relevant to the New World Department of the Denver Art Museum, and thereby contributes to the cultural enrichment of its members, other members of the museum, and the general public. Through its events, Alianza raises money to support acquisitions, programs and exhibitions of the New World Department and to further the purpose of the museum.


Alianza presents a full schedule of lectures on Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial art and related topics by leading authorities in New World culture. Receptions often accompany the lectures, providing attendees the opportunity to visit with scholars and curators. These events are open to the public.


Each year, Alianza conducts trips to museums, private art collections, and archaeological and historic sites to increase members' knowledge and acquire firsthand information about the New World. We have made numerous trips to Mexico, Peru, Spain, and other Latin American nations to explore the art and archaeology of these countries with Denver Art Museum curators. We also travel extensively within the United States, visiting special museum exhibits and private collections of New World art.


Throughout the year, various social, educational, and fundraising events are held for Alianza members. These may include book signings with authors, New World cooking lessons and food tastings, special receptions on the New World (4th) floor of the museum, musical concerts in the museum galleries, special tours of the New World galleries with curators, visits to private collections, and an annual banquet.


Alianza members receive Novedades, a newsletter published three times a year. The highly regarded publication contains articles about the latest and most significant developments in the field and highlights educational and cultural events in the Rocky Mountain region.

Alianza is a support group of the New World department of the Denver Art Museum.
For further information, send email to Alianza.

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